Starting in 1971, it all began by the Moura Apex Club and was originally called the `Coal Festival’.  As the Festival gained popularity and attracted larger crowds it was taken over by the Moura community and service clubs and was renamed the `Moura Coal and Country Festival’.

With the Moura Mine operating since 1961, the Moura Coal and Country Festival has proven to be a community stabiliser, in the face of past tragedies and uncertainties within the local mining community. Many mining families, who left town, are drawn back each year by the annual event to reunite with old friends and family.

As the townsfolk of Moura claim Moura to be the ‘Coal Capital of the Banana Shire’ coal shovelling was introduced at the first festival. The coal shovelling is the only existing event from the conception of the festival and it now hosts the Queensland Coal Shovelling titles. Anglo American Dawson Mine and the CFMEU have continued their support in hosting this event.

Months leading up to the Festival, local businesses sponsor entrants to participate in the `Coal Festival Entrants Quest’.  Each entrant fundraises during this time which the money is regenerated back into the Festival and community.  At the `Coal and Country Festival Ball’ held prior to the main festival week, sees the crowning of `Entrant of the Year’ and `Fundraiser of the Year’.

The Moura Recreation Ground is where the hub of activities are held attracting thousands of locals, visitors and past residents each year for an action packed week of entertainment.  We have activities for everyone to young and old and town alike.  However, none of this would be possible without the continued support of sponsors, Coal Festival Entrants, local service clubs, organisation and community support.  Every donation, be it cash, time, or loaning of equipment makes our Festival flourish each year

Upcoming Events
2020 Moura Coal & Country Festival
Fri, Aug 21
Aug 21, 5:00 PM GMT+10 – Aug 23, 2:00 AM GMT+10
Moura, Moura QLD 4718, Australia
A jam packed weekend not to be missed!